Engagement & Outreach

Engagement, Support, and Reseller Marketing Program

If you’re delivering patient care or running a business, sales and marketing activities may be low on your list of priorities, in spite of your best efforts. Community outreach, employee engagement, connecting with local employers and clients are all critical to implementing and sustaining a successful workforce wellness program. However, we know you don’t have the time to make all those “touch points”, so we are here to help.

Outreach Marketing

SHS partners with you to be an extension of your business in developing marketing outreach and providing reseller sales support where needed. Our program is highly flexible, and we can handle as much or as little sales and marketing support as you need.

Here are a few examples of some of our communications and outreach programs:

Employee engagement – We can create flyers with your branding and corporate wellness logo to guide employees in filling out their Health Risk Assessment (HRA) and getting their biometric screenings completed. We can help you promote your wellness events and encourage participants to attend an SHS Wellness Webinar, and more.


Reseller sales and marketing support – Not sure how to kickoff your reseller effort in your community? Just ask us, and we will be there to guide you through the process and even present the SHS program to interested employers on your behalf. We provide training, support, portal demonstrations, and point out relevant client successes to aid you in reaching out. No time, resources, no energy?! No problem. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you!

Click Here to view our innovative Sales and Marketing Outreach Program.

Member Newsletter

New Paths Member Newsletter

The My Pathway to Health™ member wellness portal offers a monthly member newsletter accessible on the portal. The visually captivating and easy to read newsletter provides members with inspiration and practical tips, healthy recipes, fitness tips, and success stories. We welcome your ideas and suggestions for topics and encourage sharing ideas and tips among members, family, and friends to keep wellness front and center.

All newsletters are archived directly on the portal for easy member reference at any time.

Click here for sample New Paths Newsletter.

Wellness Webinar

Monthly Wellness Webinars with SHS Health Coaches

SHS offers a monthly Wellness Webinar series for members on a wide variety of health and wellness topics, including chronic conditions, national health observances, nutrition, preventive recommendations, and making positive lifestyle changes. Health coaches explain how the SHS wellness program impacts each particular health area (of note are the role of health coaches, relevant tools, new resources and how to access them, and much more.) Our webinars focus on learning important self-management skills for every topic we cover.

"I thought the presentation was wonderful and very informative. My glucose lab work came back 109 which indicates pre-diabetes, so I was interested in this webinar and needed the facts to prevent diabetes.”

– Julie M, member

Our members benefit from the education, but also from becoming more aware of the resources available to them through the My Pathway to Health™ portal and the overall wellness program. Our health coaches are always happy to answer questions after and communicate with members via our secure online and mobile communications applications.

Some of our Wellness Webinar topics include:

		•   How to make the most of your wellness program
		•   Mindful Eating
		•   Healthy Holiday Habits
		•   Diabetes and Exercise
		•   Cancer Awareness
		•   Safety in the Heat of Summer
		•   Stroke Prevention

To listen to any of our recorded publicly available Wellness Webinars, please visit the SHS Youtube channel or click here.

Member Successes

Health and wellness changes lives

We recognize your members, their efforts and contributions, and applaud them for the successes they have attained through the SHS My Pathwayway to Health™ wellness program.

At the end of the day, it is all about the behavior modification and lifestyle changes your employees are able to attain and sustain. People are inherently driven to do what’s important to them–often regardless of the incentive, fear, peer pressure, cost or savings, and the list goes on. And while we look at transforming the behavior of populations to manage chronic illnesses, prevent disease, and more, we don’t want to forget the day-to-day struggle most of us have in doing the right things to prevent illness and live well, such as avoiding junk food, exercising frequently, and, of course, smiling all the while.

Here’s to those individuals who have changed their behaviors and their lives. We recognize and salute the never ending effort, we applaud the employers who have supported their members and implemented wellness at their hospitals and businesses, and look forward to continually working with communities in giving everyone the opportunity to attain optimal health and wellness.

Click below to view SHS member success stories.

	Good health has no limits – Latasha's story

	When weight loss tools work "Pass it On!" - Susanne's journey

	Teamwork made the difference – Debbie and Kenny
	Exercise brought them together – Angel and Jeff
	Counting on her coach to tackle the next goal – Laura’s story
	A good program to help me get control – Saundra’s tale
	Loliter’s walking journey turns exercise into “me time”
	Success motivated me to set new goals - Jennifer's path


Success is empowering and transforming. Here are a few things that kept members on track in reaching their goals:

"Working with a health coach has been a great way to improve our health without pills."

- Angel and Jeff lost weight together

"No matter how slow you go, you're still lapping everyone on the couch."

- Angel's favorite saying

"My wellness plan is very beneficial because it gives me the ability to track my different health categories and set goals that are important to me."

- Saundra needed the right plan to be in control

"Always move forward, one moment or day of perceived failure doesn't ruin all the positive effort."

- Jennifer put herself first and won the battle