Using data analytics to deliver results

In order to effectively address population health issues, employers and health systems need a solid business case for workforce wellness that is supported by measurable results. In fact, data is the key to managing population health. The availability of data drives informed decision making, and this shared data provides knowledge and information that helps us understand what to do with different populations and where to direct our efforts.


The SHS Business Intelligence tool combines data from Health Risk Assessments (HRAs), biometric screenings, and medical claims into a visually depicted intelligence tool that enables you analyze the data in any way you want. The data shows you where your risks lie and with whom. It also shows where behavior change is needed to lower risk factors. The data looks at care gaps, which tend to be where and when standards of care are not followed.

As such, your Strategic Health coaches work directly with individuals on targeted interventions (based on these national standards of care) in order to make necessary behavior changes to reduce risk factors as well as lower future medical claims.

SHS mines claims data and analyzes it to find trends in utilization. Our predictive modeling software forecasts future costs and pinpoints where they began. We look for reductions in key risk factors and measure and monitor overall costs to give you a quantifiable Return on Investment (ROI.)

80% of health systems will be using population health analytics by 2018 in transitioning to value-based care and caring for populations with similar diseases.

- HealthLeaders Media Survey

SHS data analytics provides easy access to the following information:

Gaps in care where employees should be using preventive services
Who’s at risk and risk factors contributing to high claims costs
• Where you are not spending money currently, but should be for preventive services
• How much you will save in future claims and the most likely origin of costs
Who is participating in your program
Program ROI!

Data analytics, when combined with high-touch, coaching support, and an empowered motivated, and engaged individual, drives results. It is the data that steers consumers and employees in the right direction and is imperative to changing behavior.

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"SHS understands our need to deliver a product and service to our local employers to help them control their own health care costs and improve the health and wellness of their employees at the same time.

With SHS’s flexible technology platform and quality service, we embarked on a journey of success with our own reseller program.”

Matt Ebaugh
VP & Chief Strategy and Information Officer
King's Daughters Medical Center