The Strategic Health Services (SHS)
My Pathway to Health™ Wellness Solution

Offering Innovative, Flexible Technology and
Exceptional Service

Wellness goes beyond health and the absence of disease. Wellness (and lack thereof) includes many intertwined day-to-day influences, impacted by stress, nutrition, physical activity, work-life balance, and more. Technology, no matter how great, can’t replace wrong choices, lack of accountability, or physician care. Successful population health management and worksite wellness require that the right technology and service work in tandem with your unique audiences and overall wellness goals to ensure and sustain employee engagement.

The SHS portal is turnkey and user friendly. Our technology includes tools and resources necessary to support individuals where they work, is relevant to their unique health needs and lifestyle issues, and offers custom capabilities not found in other wellness solutions. SHS technology is a cloud-based, Saas model delivered as a monthly subscription.

In addition to technology highlights found under our “Solutions” section, the My Pathway to Health portal includes the clinically-based HealthWise® resource library, New Paths Newsletters with tips, success stories, and recipes for members, access to HealthGrades, an important physician and hospital resource, and so much more.

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