Opportunity Knocks!

Begin your wellness journey with your employees first, and then private-label your own wellness brand to your local employers. Uncover new revenue sources as you develop healthier communities.

Resell Wellness

Find new and untapped revenue streams by reselling your wellness program to your local employers.

We bring additional resources to you – Leave the selling to us. We recognize your business is first and foremost that of patient care, so we bring sales and marketing expertise to help you connect with employers and encourage participation with education and outreach.

We are flexible – We adapt our technology and service to you. Unlike many of our competitors, we design your program to meet the needs of your health system and the communities you serve.

Our solution is scalable and sustainable – We grow with you to ensure life-long partnerships on every level, including your health system and your employees, your health system and your local employers, and your health system and SHS!

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Reseller Benefits

As an SHS reseller partner, we provide you with flexible technology and services you need to resell a comprehensive and customized wellness program. Via our licensing agreement, you can offer the following to your local employers to optimize their program success:

• Access to and use of our turnkey SHS My Pathway to Health™ wellness portal, or

• Access to and use of the SHS custom wellness platform based on your employers wellness challenges and objectives

Health coaching as part of the online technology and/or live, dedicated health coaching, all tailored to the unique needs of your employer groups

Confidentiality and HIPAA privacy features – reassure employers about our built-in features and help them build a culture of compliance

Data analytics - SHS provides reporting for your employers including employee participation levels, members who are high health risks, data on where future costs will come from, and more

Training – coaching, portal access and use, and data reporting

Nicotine cessation – an SHS guided program, including targeted coaching, to help enhance your reseller wellness program offering

Community outreach marketing – with custom marketing materials we can design for you (and your employers) or provide guidance in developing, you can remind local employers that your health system is a valuable community health resource and committed to ensuring their employee engagement from the start.

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"SHS understands our need to deliver a product and service to our local employers to help them control their own health care costs and improve the health and wellness of their employees at the same time. With SHS’s flexible technology platform and quality service, we embarked on a journey of success with our own reseller program.”

Matt Ebaugh
VP & Chief Strategy and Information Officer
King's Daughters Medical Center