Hospitals, Health Systems, and Physicians

Rapidly becoming a trusted health resource and not just a place to go to when ill, hospitals are in a sweet spot as care providers, employers, and community business partners. Hospitals and health systems have pivotal roles in developing lasting wellness and managing population health initiatives while adhering to and securing strict patient and employee privacy policies.

“In four years with SHS, COPD claims decreased by 95%, asthma claims were lowered by 18%, diabetes claims were down 13%, and cholesterol claims dropped 5%.”

Ephraim McDowell Health

Hospital Employers

Using the SHS wellness solution as a hospital employer or practice administrator, you can:

Reduce health care costs for every employee participating in your wellness program, reduce claims, improve employee morale and satisfaction, and increase productivity

Use our data analytics to see: 1) What you are spending for claims, 2) Where you are NOT spending because people are not using preventive services and where you are at risk, and 3) Forecasts for the next year and where wellness program participation is saving you money

Offer live, dedicated coaching for your employees – Our intrinsic methodology allows coaches to align with what’s important to your members, keeping them on track and helping them meet their goals.

Private label your portal and extend your brand and let your hospital become synonymous with health, prevention, and wellness

As you elevate access to and use of preventive services, employees will be exposed to your other services, your marketing, affiliations, retail entities, and more. The increased use of your services can also lead to service and physician referrals.

Strategy & Business Development

Hospital and health system business development, strategy, and planning all need forward thinking and progressive opportunities to expand the depth and reach of your brand and services into your local community and beyond. The SHS wellness portal and comprehensive service solution offers you the ability to:

1. Provide wellness to your own employees, lowering claims costs and benefit premiums.

2. Increase patient volume and generate new revenues when you partner with local employers via our unique private-label reseller program.

3. Elevate your brand and gain market share with our innovative wellness solution as part of your community outreach program.

SHS provides the right technology, data analytics, and unparalleled service to ensure a high level of program engagement and personal employee empowerment to meet your short- and long-term goals.

Hospital Resellers

According to the CDC, four modifiable risk factors – lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and excessive alcohol consumption are great contributors to our nation’s illness and suffering. The World Health Organization estimates that if we eliminated major risk factors for chronic disease, we could prevent 80% of all heart disease, stroke, and type 2 diabetes, as well as prevent 40% of cancer cases.

Worksite wellness is vital to successfully managing population health.Source: CDC

Strategic Health Services (SHS) delivers comprehensive, flexible, and turnkey technology to help reduce employee health care costs by encouraging the use of preventive services that keep people well. An effective population health management strategy necessitates improving worksite wellness and encouraging prevention on all levels.

“We are rapidly moving the front door of the hospital from the ER to employers. As our reseller program extends wellness to local communities, it is delivering net new revenues for our clients again and again."

Chris Caramanico, CEO
Strategic Health Services

Start the health and wellness journey with your own employees, and then, via the SHS reseller program, offer a private-label wellness brand to your local employers and uncover new revenue sources as you reduce costs and develop healthier communities.

Human Resources

Human Resources is critical to promoting and sustaining workforce wellness

At Strategic Health Services, we recognized the importance of Human Resources to your overall health and wellness plan. When worksite wellness is an integral part of your benefits strategy, it has the power to improve the health of your employees and community, reduce health care costs, and keep employees, engaged, productive, and on the job!

For every 10% in increased engagement in their wellness program, SHS client Baptist Health System saved $1 million in health care costs.