Bringing wellness to your company and improving the health of your employees while running a business can be a daunting undertaking. You need to give employees the tools, resources, training, and ability to learn about their health, so they can tend to their own wellbeing and be effective, accountable, and present employees.

Creating a culture of wellness and compliance

Creating an organizational culture of wellness and HIPAA compliance is integral to succeeding at wellness. You need a partner who understands the intricacies and delicacies of making sustained behavior changes and connecting employees to technology, providers, preventive services, fitness, nutritional programs, and more. Our approach is comprehensive and personalized and combines flexible technology, service, and reporting, along with dedicated lifestyle coaching.

High-touch meets high-tech

Wellness demands high-touch along with high-tech components. At its core, for wellness to be successful, it requires:

  1. Effective call-to-action
  2. Eternal vigilance on the part of employees
  3. Convergence of support (online, in person, mobile)

Wellness goes beyond health and the absence of disease. Wellness (or lack thereof) is impacted by day-to-day hopes and struggles, work and family stress, bad and good food choices, physical activity, addictive behaviors, and so much more. Worksite wellness demands that the right technology and service work in tandem with your vast and diverse employee populations and your overall health objectives to ensure and sustain employee participation and engagement.

The SHS My Pathway to Health™ wellness solution to meet your objectives and the needs of your employees.

How employees benefit

The SHS My Pathway to Health™ platform provides an in-depth personal health profile developed from the member’s Heath Risk Assessment (HRA) and biometric screening. This extensive personal report measures individuals against national standards so members have a clear picture of their current health. Once completed, the report is the tool our health coaches use to begin the dialogue with members.

"I came out every week for weigh-ins. Everyone was really pumped, great teamwork. They lost an enormous amount of weight, almost one-third of the company participated. It was really, really exciting!

Baptist Healthy Solutions team member

Coaches guide employees in setting measurable goals that are important to employees, knowing where specific lifestyle changes need to be made. Employees have access to many tools through the SHS online portal, including the My Action Plan (MAP) goal-setting tool, a wide variety of health trackers (such as blood pressure, blood glucose, stress levels, and more), mobile integration, secure online communications, and weight management and smoking cessation coaching assistance, to name a few.

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How your business benefits

You can rely on SHS reporting to provide clarity as to the state of your employees’ health or lack thereof. Data analytics tell you what you are spending on claims, where you should be spending if employees use preventive services more, and where your risks lie. Our predictive modeling function forecasts wellness program savings with participants (and how much non-participants will cost you.)

Participation is critical to the success of any health management initiative. To maximize participation, Strategic Health Services utilizes a state of the art online employee health portal as well as a full complement of proven communication techniques for promotion, recruitment, incentives utilization, and care management. SHS' proprietary health management system (HMS) enables health coaches to securely access information regarding employees' health status. This feature drives motivational insight and real-time progress necessary to gaining health improvement outcomes.

Private label your portal and make wellness an integral part of your brand and mission. Or, just as easily, use the proprietary SHS MyPathwaytoHealth.com portal as your own wellness benefit.

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