Brokers, Consultants, TPAs, and Health Plans

As a broker, advisor, or consultant, you are keenly aware of the critical need for businesses to keep employees healthy and productive. Wellness is an integral part of the Affordable Care Act, and employers can reward workers up to 30% of the cost of their health insurance benefits for wellness program participation.

Brokers, Consultants

When you partner with SHS, you are able to offer a flexible and affordable comprehensive program that is highly scalable and sustainable over the long term. Based your customers’ health and wellness objectives, we offer a private-label turnkey platform or completely customized technology solution. We work with all size companies, and cater to fully insured as well as self-insured employers.

“Our clients need to support behavior change to improve the health of their employees. SHS has been a great partner in providing a highly effective wellness solution, along with exceptional service we can always rely upon."

Terry McCray, The McCray Group, OH

The Strategic Health Services Wellness advantage for brokers and consultants:

		•  Enhance your value to employers when wellness becomes an integral part 
				of their benefits strategy and their ability to attract and retain talent

		•  Your clients will reduce health care costs and improve productivity, as 
				they elevate employee morale and satisfaction

		•  Our data analytics tell your clients what they are spending for claims, where 
				they are NOT spending because employees aren't using preventive services, 
				and forecasts future savings from wellness program participation

		•  Unlimited, live, dedicated coaching keeps members on track in reaching their goals

		•  Become even more valuable to your clients with the SHS Private Label and 
				Reseller Program, where community outreach drives additional business and 
				new revenues
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As a Third-Party Administrator (TPA), you understand the self-insured market and know your employers’ medical claims account for more than 70% of medical benefits costs and 75% of those claims are related to chronic diseases. By offering our comprehensive wellness solution to your clients, together we can help your clients reduce health care costs. Our data analytics will help identify employees who are at risk of disease, as well as gaps in care when preventive services are not being used.

Your employers need help engaging and empowering employees to manage their own health and wellness over the long term, and understanding the role of behavior modification may not be what your clients pay attention to as they tend to their own businesses. SHS offers sales and marketing resources that employers need. Your customers can rely on SHS to help provide effective employer-employee communications, including custom material development and wellness webinars to ensure an effective and sustainable wellness program for their business.

Health Plans

Health plans require reliable technology, tools, service, and education to support and manage workforce health and wellness. As a health plan, you are continually seeking new ways to engage members and keep costs down. The SHS My Pathway to Health™ online portal offers flexibility and compatibility with your unique programs, messaging, membership, and wellness objectives. Private label our portal to elevate your brand, customize our technology to increase the competitive advantage for your provider network, and deliver a highly personalized wellness experience for your members. If you are looking to also become an SHS reseller in your community, please contact us.