Member Successes

Health and wellness changes lives

We recognize your members, their efforts and contributions, and applaud them for the successes they have attained through the SHS My Pathwayway to Health™ wellness program.

At the end of the day, it is all about the behavior modification and lifestyle changes your employees are able to attain and sustain. People are inherently driven to do what’s important to them–often regardless of the incentive, fear, peer pressure, cost or savings, and the list goes on. And while we look at transforming the behavior of populations to manage chronic illnesses, prevent disease, and more, we don’t want to forget the day-to-day struggle most of us have in doing the right things to prevent illness and live well, such as avoiding junk food, exercising frequently, and, of course, smiling all the while.

Here’s to those individuals who have changed their behaviors and their lives. We recognize and salute the never ending effort, we applaud the employers who have supported their members and implemented wellness at their hospitals and businesses, and look forward to continually working with communities in giving everyone the opportunity to attain optimal health and wellness.

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