Our Mission

To provide a health and wellness experience to meet the strategic business initiatives of our clients

Our Vision

To create sustainable health, wellness, and business value for our clients and their end users; to bring prevention, planning, and preparation into each life in order to radiate happiness and build the strength necessary to get through tough times whole

Our Guiding Principles
  1. We are an extension of our clients’ business
  2. To be flexible and adaptable on all levels
  3. To drive action with people and service, and technology as the foundation
  4. To routinely seek out opportunities to give back

Our Philosophy

Wellbeing is about being prepared for life.

“This too shall pass” applies to happiness as well as life’s difficult situations.

Wellbeing is the goal of an individual’s “state” of mind, body, perceptions, thoughts, and character, so that we are receptive to the good things coming our way (happiness, love, promotions, good relationships) as much as for the bad things (grief, loss, divorce, illness). At some point each of us will have experienced all of these things.

Wellbeing enables us to cope, as well as take on living with gusto.

Strategic Health Services has the people, service, products, tools, data analytics, and resources to help employers and employees “get ready” for life. When you have been preventive, you are prepared. You are ready physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually, and socially to attract good things. Opportunity comes to you. Likewise, your healthy state of wellbeing allows you to handle the tough times, get through them and come out the other side, whole.

The train leaves the track whether you are on it or not.
Be prepared. Be preventive. Be ready.